ELDR provides solutions that allow residents to call for help in all care settings.  From wired to wireless, our platform provides a complete solution that gives staff tools they need to provide optimal care and give real time data to improve accountability and reliability across the community.  Residents within a community want to assure that they have a safe, reliable, and dignified solution, while the nursing staff want to provide compassionate care for the people they serve. Our system is a fit for just that through a unified platform that is connected via a single handheld device.


Our UL Certified nurse call platform is not specifically designed around the physical devices installed throughout the building.  Our goal is to provide a solution that provides the “home like” atmosphere for residents that require this level of care.  Our devices allow for a seamless workflow to allow staff to provide quick and efficient care while also enabling mobility and data analytics.


Nurse call isn’t about the dome light, patient station, and pillow speaker despite their necessity—it’s about creating a seamless workflow for your clinicians, enabling mobility and open data analytics.  We don’t subscribe to the heavy hardware approach.  Instead, we focus on providing the most lightweight, flexible, and affordable option available on the market.


Senior communities need to ensure that all residents they serve have a means to call for help when needed.  Through mobile and mounted devices, we provide a solution that will meet the varies needs of all individuals regardless of the type of cares they may require.   Our wireless solution consists of call products and sensing technology to allow for generated alerts to be processed based on a variety of use cases and we can tailor to the needs of your community in an easy to install, flexible, and non-institutionalized system.

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